The Fruit Eaters Diet 


... Fit, healthy and slim on 3000 calories a day...

Are you overweight, unfit or depressed? Are you suffering from chronic ailments and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, or bad skin? Totally unnecessary, because the solution to these problems is so straightforward!

We, the Fruit Eaters, believed that we tried every diet out there, until we came across “The 80/10/10 Diet” written by Dr Douglas Graham, a book based on the principles of “Natural Hygiene”. Ever since, we are fit, healthy and slim without feeling hungry or deprived. How is this possible? Just like animals in the wild only eat what “Mother Nature” prescribes for them, humans have a “natural diet” as well. Wild animals don’t get obese or suffer from high cholesterol. Nor would humans if they would stick to their natural diet. In the past 10.000 years we have unfortunately allowed ourselves to eat food that is not suitable for human consumption. We have made it palatable by cooking and baking, adding herbs and spices, sugar and salt. But as a result, we are nowadays unhealthier than we were 10.000 years ago! The solution is simple: The Fruit Eaters show you how to eat just as Mother Nature intended. The result: steady weight loss and a superb health while you can eat enormous amounts of food. 

The Basis

The basis of the Fruit Eaters Diet is: fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables in unlimited amounts plus a small amount of nuts and seeds. This is the diet on which humans thrive. Fruits play the most important role in the human diet and provide the most energy. Vegetables ensure you eat a wide range of minerals and vitamins. By eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds you consume everything the human body needs in the proper amounts. 

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Optimal Body Weight, Energy and Health

Eating according to the diet of the Fruit Eaters leads in a natural and healthy way to an optimal body weight. Unlike with most other diets, the Fruit Eaters advise to eat as much as possible, to make sure the body gets enough nutrients and energy. Eating fruits and vegetables in their raw and untreated state will never lead to an overweight body. Fruit and vegetables are the optimal foods for humans and are digested easily by the human body. The body is not taxed as much as on a 'normal' diet and has more energy to live an energetic life!  

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Natural Hygiene

The Fruit Eaters base their way of life on the ideas of the “Natural Hygiene” movement. This movement has its roots in the US and was hugely popular in the early 19th century. The Natural Hygiene movement believes that diseases are the result of people straying from their natural way of living. Partly because of the book “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas Graham, more and more people are interested in this way of living again because it makes you fit, slim and prevents and often cures diseases. 

Find out more about the “Natural Hygiene” Movement and how the Fruit Eater Diet fits into this way of life. 

Additional information

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